Sep 25, 2008

7-zip 4.60

7-zip 4.60 is a file compression software. It can open most common file format, e.g. zip, rar, jar, tar, tz, ... etc.

7-zip also provided it's own file compression format, (.7z). The website mentioned that this format can provide higher compression ratio. I have not used this format in my environment. I think it is not yet popular that the client side support is still not enough.

There is Plug-in and you can integrate & customize 7-zip into Windows' context menu.

The operation is easy and you will learn it easily if you used winzip/winrar before.


Sep 22, 2008

Foxit Reader 2.3

Foxit Reader2.3 is a free application for opening pdf files.

Unlike Acrobat Pdf Reader, Foxit Reader won't load tons of plug-in during start of application. It is architectural much better and much faster than than Acrobat pdf reader.

Also, there are some annotation tools that you can add on your pdf file.
  • Typewriting Tools - allow you to add new text/paragraphs in the document directly.
  • Drawing Markup Tools - allow you to draw Circle/arrow/lines on the document.
  • Commenting Tools - allow you to add highlight/underline/note box etc on the document.

These are particularly useful when you are reading the large free pdf files and doing research.


Sep 18, 2008

Evernote for iPhone

Yesterday, I have recommended Evernote 3 for Windows/Mac. One of the great feature is that you can take your note on your computer at office/home and you can synchronize it on web/mobile for easy checking. I personally has an iPod Touch (with iPhone software 2.1). And I have tried Evernote for iPhone and found it is still good to use, even there is still problem.

Before you use Evernote seiously with your iPhone, it is reminded that network connection (WiFi, GPRS or 3G) is required to check the notes online. For my case, my iPod Touch can just view the notes over WiFi connection. For people with iPhone 3G or with GRPS, use can check there note online over the iPhone anywhere.

With this software, you can create new Text Note, Snapshot Note (with photo), Audio Note(with voice) in your iPhone and synchronize them to the web later. It's really cool and you can use your iPhone in more productive way.

To check your notes, the search note function in Evernote for iPhone is also terrific. Thumbtail image of the note is also provided. You can search your note easily without any problem.

The major problem for the iPhone version is that it cannot modify the old notes. I understand that the editor on iPhone is still basic one and it is difficult to contain editing feature easily without removing the format of the note on PC. Personally, I will add a new text node to record the change with proper tag first and do the editing later when I am back to PC. So far it is still good enough for my case.

This software is still very good, especially if you have enough data transfer plan from your mobile service provider.


Sep 17, 2008

Evernote 3

Evernote 3 is a very famous "Research/Note Taking" windows application.

You can use this application to record what you saw/thought on your PC/Mac. You can organize your information/ideas into notes in Evernote, and associated with Tags for easy browsing.

Some plug-in is also available in Firefox/Internet Explorer during the installation, so that you can record the information by simply highlighting the paragraph and click the button in the toolbar. It is very useful when you are doing research and opening 10+ windows under your browser.

There is also similar function called Clipper, such that you can record any text/screen by one click.

For each note, you can modify them to add your idea/points.

In this version, Evernote allow you to synchronize your Evernote to web / mobile phone (Windows Mobile 6 or iPhone). You can check/view you note easily on the web/mobile phone.
(Although Evernote on web/mobile phone is not a full version, compared with Windows version)

There are unlimited way of use this application. e.g.
1. Record all your tasks progress and synchronize to the mobile phone/web for easy checking.
2. Record your shopping list and bring along with your mobile phone.
3. Record all your favourite web site with, not just the URL, but also detail of website.

I highly recommended this software to anyone to replace your post-it/pen with this application.


Sep 16, 2008

FileZilla 3.1.2

FileZilla 3.1.2 is a common ftp tools that allows you to upload/download a large amount of files to a ftp server.

You can also setup you own ftp server easily by the FileZilla server version.

You can use this solution to setup a ftp server in your home. And you can transfter your files easily from company to home or from home to company.

You can also share your files to your friends/colleague under different location.

Though due to large size email services (e.g. Google Mail/Hotmail) and large size USB memory, this software still good for files of large size.


Sep 12, 2008

WinMerge 2.8.6

WinMerge 2.8.6 is a free file merge software.

I tried some file synchronization tools, but none of them safe enough to protect my file from overwritten/deleted accidentally. I would rather choose to use WinMerge to do the file synchronization manually.

After you select 2 folder, one in the harddisk, one in the backup USB memory stick, the software will highlight the difference in the files, timestamp, and also the file content. You can choose to copy files to synchronize the 2 sides or delete the unnecessary (e.g. temp files) file easily.

For different files, WinMerge can show the detail difference between the 2 files. It is in particular useful if you are working on large amount of text file, or source code.


Sep 11, 2008

CutePDF Writer 2.7

CutPDF Writer 2.7 allows you to convert your word documents, excel spreadsheet, picture etc into PDF file. This is very useful if you don't want to share your file (e.g. Word/Excel/gif) in original format and you can generate a pdf file for this purpose.

After installation, there will be a "CutePDF Writer" printer installed. What you need to do is just print out your Word/Excel/gif through this printer. And the software will prompt you for the location of pdf file.

There is additional printer option for you to set attribute of target pdf file. If you have large size image in your document, you can try to use these options to compress the pdf file. The generation time for the pdf file would be longer if these option are turned on.